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Marquetry Design


The skill to create a design or picture made of thin pieces of wood, metal, shell, or other materials. To inlay it and often to apply the result, as decoration, to pieces of furniture.



TABU Veneer Samples

In order to turn a design or picture into marquetry we must first draw the artwork in CAD. We are able to produce CAD drawings from sketches or jpeg images, however, if you have CAD drawings the programming charges would be reduced depending on the quality of the drawings. Please note that the lasers will not read splines & we would have to draw over them as we would an image.

We will happily use your own veneer if you wish, however, if the veneer is excessively bubbly, we would charge extra for pressing. We hold a wide range of veneers in stock or can order it quickly if needed. We will always use the best quality veneers available on the market & we take great care when selecting the appropriate veneers for a job.

Marquetry Laser Cutting

Our lasers are capable of cutting MDF (up to 9mm), paper, card, leather, mop, acrylic and solid wood up to (7mm thick). We can also etch all of these materials along with stone. Even though our laser does not cut metal we can supply metal inlays which are used together with the veneer.

And although our laser bed is 1.3m wide, we are not restricted on length as we can feed the material through.

Marquetry Assembly

We use a variety of methods to hold the marquetry layons together depending on the job. Please let us know if you have a preference of method & we will try our best to adhere to it.

Sticky backed plastic sheets are used frequently, which is suitable for hot or cold pressing. It does leave a residue after removal but this can be removed using thinners or acetone before sanding or by using a rubber abrasive cleaning stick to rub the residue off. 

Marquetry Box

Our usual practise is to deliver the marquetry as layons to then be pressed and sanded by the client. In some cases however, we are able to do this for you if required. We have an in house press which is adequate for smaller pieces. If the order is for large panels or large quantity we can contract this out to a very good pressing firm.

Marquetry Box

We recomend that all marquetry layons are pressed no later than a week from delivery. Wood veneer can move dramatically in size when experiencing the smallest humidity changes which may result in unusable layons if left over a long period of time with out being pressed.

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